Sergo Gogmachadze

Doctor of geology, Expert

Birth date 04.25.1948
Place of birth Ozurgeti, Georgia
Marital status Family, two daughters
Address Fl. 47, Build.20, Block 3, Digomi district, Tbilisi
Phone (995 32) 2 95 42 47, 577 46 02 16

1. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of geography- geology, Geomorphologist . 1967-1972
2. Postgraduate study of Institute of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering of Georgian Academy of Sciences. 1977-1981

Scientific degree
Doctor of geology, Thesis: “Influence of engineering geologic, geomorphologic and hydro-geologic conditions on earthquake intensity’. 1993.
Participation in International Scientific grant programs

1. 1989-1990, Scientific theme 02.03.H4 of Allied State Committee of Science and Engineering ‘ Investigation of Engineering-Geological Conditions of Territories to be Developed and Elaboration of Soil Seismic Property Prediction Methods after Development’
2. 1998-2000, Georgia-Intas ‘Seismic Hazard assessment for Big Cities in Georgia’.
3. 1998-2001, Fund ‘Eurasia’ , N G98-0212, ‘Elaboration of practical method of insurance in earthquake engineering considering the features of economic development of Georgia’.
4. 2001-2006, NATO (sfp 974320) ‘Seismic Risk in Large Cities of Caucasus. Tools for Risk Management’.
5. Grant of Georgian Academy of Sciences N9.2.05. ‘Determination of the Soil Layer Vibration Using Analytical and Experimental Methods’
6. 2006-2009, ISTC NG-1303, ’The study of structure of the lithosphere of Caucasus by means of surface wave tomography and three dimensional modeling’.

Publications 186 scientific publications, among them 83 scientific-research reports (including the grant reports), 9 monograph (some of them with coauthors). 10 works are registered by the ISSN code, and 15 ones by ISBN code. In scientific publications the issues of engineering seismology, earthquake engineering, seismic micro zonation, engineering geology, geology, geophysics, hydrogeology and geoecology are examined.

Work experience

2015 April 01 up to day – M. Nodia Institute at Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Senior scientific worker;

2015 April 01 – 2015 December 01 – Tbilisi municipality, Main specialist;

2014 August 20 – 2015 April 01 – Didube department of Tbilisi municipality, Head of infrastructure development department;

2012 September – 2014 August 20 – LTD «Qiluqi», engineering-geological and geophysical research company, Director;

2012 October – up to day – Georgia-USA university (GAU), professor;

1998 November 05 – up to day ‘ESG’ engineering-geological and geophysical research company, technical director;

1994 August 15 – 2012 September – Professor of university ‘Agmashenebeli’, institute ‘Legia and Company’ and ‘Road Institute of Georgia’;

1972 April 01- 2010 December 20 (op to liquidation) – Institute of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering of Georgian Academy of Sciences, later Kiriak Zavriev Institute of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering. Laboratory assistant, engineer, scientific worker, senior scientific worker, main scientific worker, head of the quarter of extreme emergency and civil defense, head of laboratory of engineering seismology and geotechnical research.
Knowledge of foreign languages

Russian – fluent, French – middling, English – with dictionary

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