Geophysical exploration service



 The investigations are performed in the shortest time, which is due to using modern exploration equipment and methodology and visualization of data by modern computer programs.

 The exploration method (seismic, electromagnetic, magnetic) or complex of methods will be chosen according to the target task. Besides land service the investigation from boreholes or pits is possible.

Qualified specialists will define the technique of geophysical and environmental investigations, their extent and the rate of optimal expenses. The most cost effective solutions will be recommended.


The investigations' reports are completed with:


Environmental security


There are plenty of hazards in our days, which endanger your life and property.

Before starting some construction project or buying some object you should know how resistant is the construction site or building to environmental risks (earthquakes, landslides, floods and flashfloods, etc). Professionals will give you valuable recommendations – they will establish the potential risks for your office or your dwelling.

All information will be given as a relevant certificate, where the level of hazard and risk as well as the detail recommendations for reducing object’s vulnerability to a given hazard.

 We’ll establish:

Some fragments of research results


Geophysical sections by Electric and  Seismic methods


Modelling of hydrothermal basin


Modelling of heavy metals distribution in underground waters


Seismic section


Map of rock surface depth and wave velocity


Map of bed-rock crack anisotropy

3D geological modeling



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