International Scientific Conference "Geophysical Processes in the Earth and its Envelopes" Tbilisi, Georgia, November 16-17, 2023

November 16-17, 2023 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University will host an International Scientific Conference "Geophysical Processes in the Earth and its Envelopes".

Conference is Dedicated to 90-th Anniversary of Mikheil Nodia Institute of Geophysics of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

We invite you to participate in the conference!

The conference will be held in a mixed format (on-site / online attendance). The certificate will be issued

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Working language of the conference - Georgian, English. Articles are submitted in Georgian or English. A Georgian article must have a summary in English as well. Number of articles submitted by one author not more than 3 (with attached forms).


Conference participants are free from paying organizational costs (holding a conference, printing a collection and program, printing posters for absentees).


The conference organizing committee does not finance the participants' business trip expenses (travel, hotel, daily expenses, etc.).


Conference Topics

1 Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric composition, air pollution

2 Meteorology, atmospheric physics and dynamics

3 Climatology and climate change

4 Terrestrial ecology, land cover change

5 Geology, tectonics, volcanology

6 Palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology

7 Physics of earth’s interior, seismology, geodynamics

8 Oceanography (physical, chemical, biological, geological)

9 Biogeochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, environmental chemistry

10 Mineralogy, petrology, igneous petrology, metamorphic petrology

11 Geochemistry, cosmochemistry, crystal chemistry, isotope geochemistry, thermodynamics

12 Sedimentology, soil science, palaeontology, earth evolution

13 Physical geography, geomorphology

14 Earth observations from space/remote sensing

15 Geomagnetism, palaeomagnetism

16 Ozone, upper atmosphere, ionosphere

17 Hydrology, hydrogeology, engineering and environmental geology, water and soil pollution

18 Cryosphere, dynamics of snow and ice cover, sea ice, permafrosts and ice sheets

19 Planetary geology and geophysics

20 Geohazards

21 Earth system modelling and interactions

22 Sun-Earth connections

23 Biological aspects of environmental change, including climate change

24 Ecosystem and community ecology, micro and macroecology

25 Human and environment (medical meteorology, bioclimatology, astrobiology, space weather etc.)

26 Other issues related to the research of the main envelopes of the planet Earth (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere).

Conference Objectives


• Discovering the potential scientists in the field of investigations of geophysical processes in the Earth and its envelopes;

• Establishing and strengthening connections of scientists;

• Defining the prospects for the development of scientific research;

• Identify opportunities for improving the scientific-educational field of secondary and higher education institutions in relation to the issues of the conference;

• Strengthening international scientific cooperation on conference topics;

• To acquaint the world scientific community, governmental structures, other interested organizations and individuals with the current state of the problems related to the fields of investigations of geophysical processes in the Earth and its envelopes.

Conference Tasks


Presentation of the results of many years of research in the field of investigations of geophysical processes in the Earth and its envelopes at the plenary session (oral poster video);

• Presentation of papers selected by the Scientific Committee and their discussion in plenary, section sessions and in the form of a poster.

Target Groups


• Georgian and foreign scientific, educational, governmental and non-governmental organizations that have direct contact with the theme of the conference (Universities, research institutes, educational organizations, emergency structures, non-governmental organizations, international corporations, etc.).

Expected Results

Promoting historical and modern achievements in the field of investigations of geophysical processes in the Earth and its envelopes;

• To acquaint the world community with the current state of the problems related to the investigations of geophysical processes in the Earth and its envelopes;

• Enhance international cooperation for the scientific and practical application of modern achievements related to the conference topics;

• Assess the social and economic risks associated with the conference topics and identify opportunities for joint action to prevent these risks;

• Identify opportunities to improve the scientific-educational base of secondary and higher education institutions in the field of investigations of geophysical processes in the Earth and its envelopes.


Conference Organizers


• TSU, Mikheil Nodia Institute of Geophysics;

• Georgian Geophysical Association.


Important dates


• Receipt of applications and articles (with attached forms) - including October 5, 2023;

• Selecting articles and sending notifications about selected articles - October 10, 2023;

• Sending an electronic version of the poster (for absent participants) - until November 10, 2023. Carry posters in case of a stand-alone presentation;

• Printing posters - (for absentees) - until November 10, 2023;

• Notification of authors (program, etc.) - until November 5, 2023;

• Publication of the Proceedings of the Conference - until November 15, 2023;

• Uploading the electronic collection of the conference proceedings and individual articles on the    portal of the Institute of Geophysics of the TSU National Scientific Library - until December 15, 2023;

• Registration on the conference - November 16, 2023;

• Issuance of certificates - November 16-17, 2023.


Contact person:

Mikheil Pipia - E-mail:, Mob.: +995 593 55 65 11; +995 598 68 60 77


Requirements for Article Design


·       the article should be presented in the A4 format of the text editor Word - 2003; (save as 97-2003);

·       margins: top, right, left, bottom -20 mm;

·       used font: for articles in Georgian - Sylfaen. For articles in English - Times New Roman. Interval between lines - 1.0;

·       formulas must be typed in the Equation editor;

·       drawings and illustrative material should be inserted into the text of the article in JPEG or BMP format;

·       at the top of the first page, you should type (or copy) an above indicated footer with the name of the conference, with a bottom bar (10 Pt, Bold, interval - 1.0):

·       after two intervals, print the article title (14 Pt, Bold);

·       through the interval - the surname (surnames) of the author (authors) and initials (12 Pt, Bold);

·       through the interval - the full name of the organization (10 Pt, Bold; if there are several organizations, before the name of the organization and the surname of the corresponding author, insert *, **, etc.);

·       through the interval - a brief abstract of the article with 3-4 keywords in the language in which the article is written (10 Pt, oblique font, no more than 500 characters);

·       through the interval - the content of the article (11 Pt);

·       through two intervals - a list of used literature, no more than 10, with the numbering of 1 .... 10, (10 Pt); in the text it is marked in square brackets [1] .... [10];

·       in two intervals - for articles written in Georgian, print in English: the title of the article (14 Pt, Bold), through the interval - the surname (surnames) of the author (authors) and the initials (12 Pt, Bold); through interval - summary (10 Pt); 3-4 keywords(10 Pt); all text in English (title of the article, authors, summary) should not exceed 1000 characters;

·       the volume of article 3-4 pages; the last page should be at least 3/4 sheet;

·       one author can submit no more than 3 articles;

·       poster sizes 594 × 841 mm (A1 format);

·       an electronic version of the article mast be sent by e-mail:

·       Proceedings of the conference and selected articles of these Proceedings will be indexed in Google Scholar.

Design of bibliography. When referring to books or monographsб should be indicated: the surname and initials author(authors); the title of a book or a monograph; place of publication; the name of the publishing house; year of publication, pages. When referring to scientific work, should be indicated: the name and initials of the author (authors); article title; two inclined lines; the name of the journal (conference, congress, collection of works, etc.); place of publication; year of publication, journal number (volume), pages.

A link to Internet sources is provided in the text of the article without numbering, for example (



Contact person:

Mikheil Pipia - E-mail:, Mob.: +995 593 55 65 11; +995 598 68 60 77

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