Shota Rustaveli Georgian National Science Foundation


Grant ¹067

Project Title: Triggering and Synchronizing Seismic and Acoustic Events Without Weak Force Modes: Use for Earthquake Forecasting.

Head: T. Macharashvili

Duration of the project: 2006-2008. 24 months

Project budget: 70 000 GEL


Grant ¹068

Name of the project: Reducing the multiple risks of natural disasters – a positive factor for the development of Georgia.

Head: O. Varazanashvili

Duration of the project: 2006-2009. 36 months

Project budget: 147 153 GEL


Grant ¹069

Name of the project: Identification of the deep geological-geophysical structure of the Earth’s crust in the territory of Georgia and prognostic assessment of the current geodynamic processes and mineral deposits in it.

Head: T. Chelidze

Duration of the project: 2006-2009. 36 months

Project budget: 144 000 GEL


Grant ¹ 08 / 5-440

Develop retro-perspective methods of earthquake prediction and study their capabilities in the Caucasus region.

Project duration: 2009-2011. 12 quarters.

Scientific Supervisor: Otar Lursmanashvili.

Manager: Levi Geonjiani.

Budget: 141 000 GEL.


Grant ¹ 08 / 5-437

Weakening of the negative impact of photochemical smog on the living environment – st. An important factor in improving the ecological condition of Tbilisi.

Project duration: 2009-2011. 12 quarters.

Scientific Supervisor and Manager: Avtandil Amiranashvili.

Budget: 148 005 GEL.


Grant ¹ 08 / 5-432

6. Creation of a system for the use of satellite information for maritime transport and ecological safety of the sea in Georgia.

Project duration: 2009-2010. 8 quarters.

Scientific supervisor: Larisa Shengelia.

Manager: Giorgi Kordzakhia.

Leading organization: Institute of Hydrometeorology

Participating organization: Institute of Geophysics

Budget: 100 000 GEL.


Grant ¹5-72

Three-dimensional modeling of Georgia’s deep geological-geophysical structure at a scale of 1: 500000: block-tereline, seismic, tectonic tectonics, endogenous and exogenous geo-eco-processes (catastrophically dangerous earthquakes, landslides and landslides), mountain falls R) Speed ​​model building in connection with the development of an accurate methodology for the location of earthquakes

Project duration: 22.01.2010 – 22.01.2012. 12 quarters.

Scientific Supervisor: Papuna Mindeli

Manager: Jemal Kiria

Budget: 148390 GEL.


Grant ¹5-101

Computerization of geophysical data of Georgia. Construction of a 3D three-dimensional model of geological-geophysical depth structure on the base-frame profiles of the area in terms of solving the problem of exploration of mineral deposits, identification of spontaneously dangerous geo-eco-zones and long-term forecasting of earthquakes (by time and intensity).

Project duration: 22.01.2010 – 22.01.2012. 12 quarters.

Scientific Supervisor: Papuna Mindeli

Manager: Papuna Mindeli

Budget: 147510 GEL.


International grants

1) Seismic Hazard Assessment for Big Cities in Georgia Using the Modern Concept of Seismic Microzonation with Consideration of Soil Non-linearity1998-2000 INTAS

2) Protection of Thermal Ground Water Resources in Seismic Areas 1998-2001 INCO-COPERNICUS

3) Test Area for Seismic Hazard Assessment in the Caucasus 1995-1997 INTAS

4) Toxic Pollution Detection in Ground Water: From Real Time Early Warning to Overall Assessment 2000-2001INCO-COPERNICUS

5) Induced Seismicity and Earthquake Hazard Mitigation by Electromagnetic Impact of MHD Generator 2000-2001-INTAS

6) Seismic Risk in Large Cities of the Caucasus: Tools for Risk Management 2001-2003-NATO NATO SfP

7) Caucasian Seismic Information Network 2002- 2003 ISTC

8) Strategy development for long term pollution control in regions of extreme environmental risk (ENVRISK) 2002-2004-INTAS

9) Prediction of major events in multiscale fracture based on the theory of critical phenomena.2002-2004-INTAS

10) Geodynamical Risks of High Dams1996-2006 Council of Europe

11) Creation of acoustic warning system (EWS) of catastrophic debris flows in Mountanous areas. 2006-2007 Council of Europe

12) GIS mapping of integrated major hazards in the Southern Caucasus as an early warning tool. 2006-2007 Council of Europe

13) Triggering and synchronization of seismic / acoustic events by weak external forcing as a sign of approaching the critical point. 2006-2007 INTAS

14) Applying Isotope Techniques for the Assessment of Water Resources In Georgia. 2006-2007 IAEA

15) Stress related geohazards in South Caucasus. 2007-2009 INTAS

16) Open network of scientific Centers for risk of natural hazards in the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia. 2006-2008 ISTC

17) Assessment of radon-hazard potential, residential exposure, lung cancer and COPD in West Georgia. 2007-2009 STCU

18) The study of the structure of the lithosphere of the Caucasus by means of surface wave tomography and three-dimensional modeling 2006-2008 ISTC

19) Nongausian Transport, Strong Turbulence and Nonlinear Phenomena in the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere, 2007-2009, INTAS.

ic Tomography. 2008-2010, ISTC.

20) Study of the ULF electromagnetic phenomena related to earthquakes (SUPRE),  (INTAS-99-1102) 2000-2002

21)  Black Sea ecosystem processes and forecasting/operational database management system  1999-2002 NATO

22)  ARENA- A regional capacity building and networking programme to upgrade monitoring and forecasting activity in the Black Sea basin 2003 / 2006 EEU

23) Three Dimensional Electro-Magnetic and Thermal Tomography of the Active  Cristal Zones.  2004-2007 INTAS

24)  Hydro and thermodynamic processes in the Black Sea land-atmosphere system and regional climate. Development of fundamentals of monitoring and forecasting system. 2005-2006 BSEC

25)  Black Sea SCENE-Black Sea Scientific Network 2005-2008 EEU

26)  ECOOP – Coastal-shelf sea Operational observing and forecasting system 2007-2010 EEU

27)  ADAMS   Advanced Data Assimilation Methods for Seas 2008-2010 French National Scientific Fund

28) ADOMENO – Assimilation de Donnees pour la MEr NOire 2008-2010 French National Scientific Fund

29) UP-GRADE BS-SCENE  Up-grade Black Sea Scientific Network 2009-2011 EU

30)  Creation of  Thermodynamic Model of the Lithosphere of the Caucasus and the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea Water Areas on the Basis of the Mathematical Model, Geological and Thermal Paleoreconstruction and Seismic Tomography.  2008-2010, ISTC.

31) Seismic Hazard and Risk  Assessment for South-Caucasus  Northern-Turkey Energy corridors.   NATO SFP, 2009-2011.