Tamar Shubladze


Calendar autobiography of Tamar Shubladze (CV)

Address,Mobile,E-mail : Rustavi kostava ave.30-6;  595141156 ;  takoshubladze@gmail.com

Birthday data: 14/11/1997; Rustavi

Marital status: Single

Education: 2016-2020:Ivane Javaxishvili state university-physics.

Work Experience: Clinic “DENS”- Assistant 2017-2019 .

2019-currently: M.Nodia institute of Geophysics- specialist of  Seismology, Seismic Hazard and Disaster Risks.


Building Civil Protection Capacity to Mitigate Geohazards in the Caucasus: A Regional Approach-Development of Seismic Strong motion Network for Georgia. 8-10 October 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Eight Annual faculty Conference in Exact and Natural sciences-Department of Physics,Atomic and Nuclear Physics.Topic of the report-Model of atom.Exotic atoms.

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