Sector of Earth Physics and Geomagnetism


By 2017,  scientific work and completed 
Report on scientific – research works


Personal composition of the scientific unit:

K. Kartvelishvili – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Chief Scientist.

G. Berishvili – Acad. Doctor,  Senior Scientist.

N. Mebaghishvili – Acad. Doctor, Scientist.

S. Ghonghadze – Acad. Doctor, Senior Scientist.

M. Nikolaishvili – Acad. Doctor, Scientist.

T. Kiria – Acad. Doctor in Mathematics, Programming and Software – a leading specialist.

E. Lomadze – laboratory assistant.



  1. Scientific-research projects implemented by the 2017 state budget funded by the State Budget of Georgia




And Name the completed project with reference to the field of science and scientific direction Project Manager Project executors
1 2 3 4
Survey of Circulatory Events on Solid Earth according to continuous observational data obtained at the Tbilisi Underground Observatory.(Transitional).


K. Kartvelishvili
A Development of search frequency harmonics and non-periodic part separation method using numerical difference schemes from numerical rows. K. Kartvelishvili K. Kartvelishvili

M. Nikolaishvili

E. Lomadze


B Equipping the 12-storey building of the Institute of Geophysics in the basement of the building with a data logger. K. Kartvelishvili K.Kartvelishvili

T. Chelidze

M. Nikolaishvili

E. Lomadze


2 A study of strong local magnetic anomalies existing on the territory of Georgia to suggest a model of a natural magnetic therapy resort.



K. Kartvelishvili K. Kartvelishvili

G. Berishvili

N. Mebaghishvili

M. Nikolaishvili

E. Lomadze


3 Analysis of data from magnetic expeditions conducted in the territory of Guria lowland (village Atsana) in 2014-2015. K. Kartvelishvili S. Ghonghadze
4 Compilation of maps of the anomalous magnetic field (ΔTa) on the territory of Georgia in the scale of 1: 50,000, the petromagnetic model of the sedimentary layer of the study area and its crystalline foundation. S. Ghonghadze K. Kartvelishvili

N. Mebaghishvili

G. Berishvili



5 Influence of the sectoral structure of the interplanetary magnetic field on the Bz component of the geomagnetic field. N. Mebaghishvili N. Mebaghishvili





A. The original method of harmonic analysis of the waves with a fixed period given from the time series describing the complex process has been developed. The presented method uses finite differences and ordinal mediation operations during the trial period. It has high selective defocusing properties and ensures that the drift is removed, as well as the specific parameters of the search harmonics are determined with very high accuracy.

During this period, a study of continuous observational materials obtained in Tbilisi in 1984-1986 with a quartz vertical extensometer was conducted. Using modern methods of harmonic analysis, the amplitudes of the nine main circulating waves are determined. These data calculate the numerical values ​​of the vertical circulation factor, the Poisson ratio of the surrounding rocks, and the fourth number of Love wave.


In the building of the B. Geophysics Institute, a continuous point of measurement observations was created using the Applied Geomechanics AGI-700 inclination device, which is equipped with a modern digital data collector (data logger) and continues to monitor the slopes of the Earth’s surface.



A. In 2014-2015, magnetic measurements were performed simultaneously with two digital, proton magnetometers to study the delicate structure of local intense geomagnetic anomalies in the territory of Guria lowland (village Atsana).

Based on the obtained materials, a computer database was created. Processing of the extracted materials was carried out to construct detailed maps and incisions. Active contact was established with the administration of the sanatorium “Friendship” and the medical staff. We obtained detailed statistics from the last 7 years on the treatment of patients with various diseases (both children and adults, whose recovery rate is very high – 90%), based on which we decided to study in detail other strong local magnetic anomalies.

Studies of the main element of space weather – geomagnetic field variations of local biomedical effects on the territory of the Guria lowland region conducted during these years have allowed us to raise the issue of creating a basic model of a natural magnetic therapy resort.


B. Maps of the anomalous magnetic field (ΔTa) and gravitational field (Δg) for the study area of ​​1: 50,000 have been compiled for the study area, as well as a petromagnetic model of the sedimentary layer of the study area and its crystalline foundation has been constructed.


G. The joint impact of physical fields (magnetic, gravitational, thermal, etc.) on the processes taking place in the Earth’s crust is discussed. For this purpose, data from 2000-2017 are used: M≥4.5 magnitude earthquakes from various international catalogs, Bz compressor voltage of the interplanetary magnetic field (SMV), planetary Ap (ap) and Dst-indices, DT-changes of the Earth’s daily rotation period, lunar perigee And apogee, and also the dates of the phases of the moon.



Publications (within the framework of the research project funded by the State Budget of Georgia and / or Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation Grant)


A) Monographs in Georgia

And Author / Authors The title of the monograph Place of publication, publishing house Number of pages


Kartvelishvili Carlo



Study of the Earth’s non-refractory deformations according to Tbilisi observations TSU Publishing House (Prepared for printing) 95






And Author /Authors Title of the article, title of the journal / collection Magazine /Collection number Place of publication, publishing house Number of pages
1 K. Kartvelishvili The use of dislocation theory in studies of current leaps and bounds in Earth T. LXVII Tbilisi,TSU

Publishing House

2 N. Gamkrelidze

S. Ghonghadze

O. Yavalovskaya

M. Gamkrelidze

J. Kiria

N. Glonti

P. Mindeli

L. Adikashvili

M. Nikolaishvili

Deep structure of the eastern Black Sea Rop and the issues of extension of the Adjara-Trialeti zone west of the water area T. LXVII Tbilisi,TSU

Publishing House





III. 1. Participate in the work of scientific forums

(Within the framework of the research project funded by the state budget and / or Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation grant)

A) in Georgia


And Rapporteur /Speakers The title of the report Forum holding Time and place
1 G. Berishvili Study of local magnetic anomalies in the territory of Guria regional magnetic anomaly M.  Aleksidze Civic Seminar of the Georgian Geophysical Association.

March 29, 2017

Tbilisi, M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics.