Zurab Chelidze


Name, Surname – ZURAB CHELIDZE

Place of Birth – Tbilisi, Georgia

Date of birth – 17.09.1963

Address –  M.Aleksidze str 1, BL.6, Appt. 10, Tbilisi, Georgia

Telephone number – (995 32) 332215, (+995599581064), (+995597383388);

e-mail – zura106@yahoo.com    zura106@gmail.com




1984 – Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Physicist.





1982-2010       Scientist at M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics

1993-2001       University of Rome, Italy, University of Athens, Greece. Invited scientist – development of scientific electric equipment.

1994-2008       President of Board of Founders, General Director. Radio company “RADIO ONE”.

1997-2006       Member of Board of Founders, Technical Director of TV company “STEREO ONE”

2012-2017       Specialist at Departments of Dynamics of Geophysical Fields and Computational Geophysics,  M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics of TSU,




T.Chelidze, A.Gvelesiani,N.Varamashvili, M.Devidze, V.Chikhladze,Z.T Chelidze, M.Elashvili. Electromagnetic Initiation of Slip: Laboratory Model. ACTA GeophysicaPolonica, v52-1, 2004. page-49.
T.Chelidze, N.Varamashvili, M.Devidze, Z.Chelidze, V.Chikhladze, T.Matcharashvili Laboratory Study of Electromagnetic Initiation of Slip. Annals ofGeophysics, v45-5, 2002
P.Biaji,N.Gershenson,D.Zilpimiani,P.Manjgaladze,O.Pokhotelov,V.Sgrinia,Z.Chelidze. Influence of Magnetic Field on Mechanical parameters of Ion Crystals during Deformation Process Fizika Tverdogo Tela,32,#8,1990, page-2328
N. Gershenson,D.Zilpimiani, P.Manjgaladze,O.Pokhotelov, Z.Chelidze electromagnetic emission from tip of crack during destroying process in ion crystals. Dokladi AN SSSR Geofizika,288,#1, 1986,page-75





2013-2017       European Centre for Geodynamic Risks of High Dams. “Development of cost-efeective ground based and remote monitoring and early warning system for detecting debris flow/ landslide initiation”,  specialist.


2016-2018       Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundaion. Grant project N216732, “Development of cost-effective telemetric landslide monitoring and early warning system”, main participant.





English, Russian, Italian.

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