Levan Laliashvili


Name, Surname — Levan Laliashvili

Place of birth –– Teleti, Gardabani

Date of Birth (D/M/Y) –– 08/10/1990

Nationality –– Georgian 

Address––  Phonichala, Tbilisi, Georgia

Telephone –– 598720051

E-mail — levan@gmail.com



Years Name of a higher

education institution

2009-2013 Georgian Technical University, Systems of Informatic  and  Control;  Bachelor’s degree Tbilisi
2011-2012 British School Tbilisi
2016-to present Georgian Technical University, Systems of Informatic  and  Control;  Graduate student of Master’s degree Tbilisi



9. Faculty: Informatic

10. Qualification: 2009-2013წ.წ. Bachelor’s degree;   2016-დან  Graduate student of Master’s degree

11. Marital status: Single

12. Languages:

Good Excellent Average
Georgian *
Russian *
English *


 13. Compiuting Skills: 

Average Excellent Good
Ms office *


Average Excellent Good


 14. Driving license: Yes. Category: B
15 .Compulsory military service: Yes

16. 2016 – to present – Department of Dynamics of Geophysical Fields and Computational Geophysics in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics.

17. Publications:  1 article;



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